The Ultimate Guide For Making MX Graphics

Become a master at creating Motocross graphics that will awe every rider out there. Start earning money by doing what you love. We will teach you (literally) everything there is to know. What would've taken you years to master is now a video and a click away. How to make MX-Graphics is made by MKS-Graphics.

Whether you are a motocross enthusiast who likes to create a kick-ass graphics kit for himself, a beginner who wants to earn a (good!) living creating and printing MX graphics or if you are already a professional with a print & sign company looking to expand into the world of MX graphics; these are the courses for you!

We will teach you everything you need to know; and more. What would have taken you years of trial and error to get right is now just a video and a click away. We have combined many years of experience into this course to make it an absolute must-have for anyone venturing into the world of motocross graphics.

Here you can view all of the pre-made designs that are available when you purchase the Professional course:

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In the courses we provide we will teach you literally everything you need to know from start to finish. When you have watched all of our video’s and have read through all the juicy and interesting details that no MX company would ever tell you, you will be able to start your own MX graphics business; and make money of off it! Honestly; it isn’t difficult, you just need some patience and the know-how to get started. Purchasing this course will be the best investment you ever made, and will surely save you hundreds, possibly thousands of euro’s you had to spend on the wrong materials, programs, tools and advertisements. We know, because we’ve been there. Ordered a bad quality vinyl and laminate that your customers are not a fan of? Say goodbye to over a thousand euros. Don’t want that to happen? Then you know what to do.

''Included in the course is a powerful tool that we designed so that you can calculate your profits, costs and expenses. Just enter the numbers and within seconds you will be able to see how much you are going to earn, when it's time to get your own machinery and how many kits you have to produce to break even and much, much more''

You will learn how to:

  • Use Adobe Illustrator and master the tools necessary to create MX Graphics
  • Make money selling your graphics
  • Create awesome graphics kit for all brands
  • Vectorise and find the correct logo’s
  • Design helmet graphics, pitboards and more
  • Pick and shop for the right machinery like printers, cutters and laminators
  • Promote and sell your graphics and earn a lot of money doing so
  • Apply decals the professional way for the best result and longest lifespan
  • Communicate with your customers and get them to stay
  • Upsell your products and make more money of off the same customer
  • Choose the right vinyls and laminates for your graphics
  • Start up your company and start earning money fast
  • Manage costs and expenses
  • Set up your website & what information to include
  • Use Social Media to get customers and create fans of your work
  • Inlay fluo and metallic colors on your decals
  • Match colors with MX plastics (very important!)
  • Outsource your print files to sell without even having the machinery
  • Showcase your work and build a portfolio
  • Become better than your competition (which for the most part won't be difficult)
  • Design & create fast to save time
  • Create your own dream-job and make dirtbikes a major part of your life

All our videos are filmed in 4K resolution, have professional audio for perfect clarity and even all of our Illustrator and design sessions have been recorded in 4K as well. Time nor expenses have been spared in making this course.

Depending on the course you decide to go for, you will also receive free bonus content that we will add regularly. This can vary from design video's, digital downloads or information sheets and PDF's. We will also listen to you in the comments and on our exclusive Facebook group about what you guys would like to see added to the course. Whenever possible we will create this content for you and add it for free!


''Get to know all about our methods, machinery, software and suppliers. Nothing will be held back!''